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Concept By Marisa Lyne Boehm

My final project at Think Tank Training Centre Online. I spent 4.5 months on her. I started by modeling her face and body in Zbrush using a preexisting base mesh from my last project. I modelled her armor in Maya and detailed it in Zbrush. Her yukata was created in Marvelous designer, and her hair was done using Xgen. All of her textures were created in both Mari and Maya using procedural materials. And finally she was rendered using Vray.

Onna-Bugeishas were fierce female warriors who commonly fought alongside their male Samurai counterparts and many times led groups of warriors into battle. Before making this project I never heard of Onna-Bugeishas, I just wanted to make a fierce female warrior and after a lot of research I uncovered a whole other side to Japanese history that ended in the 17th century during the Edo period and was then covered up by the 19th century after Westerners rewrote Japanese warring history. So here is a testament to all the badass Japanese women in history, from Empresses and Politicians, to Warriors.

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