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Aadra, Persian Pirate

Concept and Render By Marissa Lyne Boehm

This character is Aadra and she's a Pirate Bride. She was a concept of mine from 2 years ago and I've final brought her to life!

Here's a quick summary of the general steps I took to make her.

1. I blocked her our and sculpted her in Zbrush.
2. In Autodesk Maya I retopoligized and uv'd her
3. I modelled and uv'd her weapons in Maya
4. I designed and created her clothing in Marvelous Designer
5. I created her embroidery patterns in Adobe Photoshop
6. Detailed everything in Zbrush
7. Textured everything in Substance Painter and Mari
8. Rigged and posed her in Maya
9. Created her hair with Xgen
10. Rendered her with VRay
11. Did my compositing in Nuke and Premere


Here's a bit of her Origin Story; Meet Aadra. Aadra was set to marry the boy next door and she was proud of it, bragging to the other girls in their neighborhood. fast forward 10 years her soon to be husband ended up having dealings with pirates after his childhood friends were kidnapped and traded as slaves. On Aadra's wedding day a group of pirates raided the ceremony and murdered her husband and many others in their families. She then searched for her husband's crew to help her find her family's murderers avenge their deaths.

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